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Notice of BOE Workshop - December 3, 2020


Abatement Notice- NHS & Fifth Avenue

Start Date: 11-24- 2020 - both Fifth Avenue and High School

End Date: 11-25-2020 upon receiving air testing results - Fifth Avenue Elementary 11-27-2020 upon receiving air testing results - Northport High School
Notice: At Northport High School, an abatement in Upper H hallway & Basement Maintenance Shop is scheduled for Tuesday, November 24, 2020.
At Fifth Avenue Elementary, an abatement in the Gymnasium is scheduled for Tuesday, November 24, 2020.

11.17.20 Letter from Superintendent

Click here for a letter from the Superintendent with updates regarding COVID-19 and Future Study

Two Northport High School students awarded Heisman High School Scholarship

Heisman_winners_(1).png thumbnail178041
Northport High School seniors Kaitlyn Berger and Austin Neuff have gone above and beyond in their commitment to their sport and their school, winning the Heisman High School Scholarship for student-athletes. Presented by Acceptance Insurance, the scholarship is awarded to high school senior student-athletes who “understand that the most important victories not only happen on the field, but in their schools and communities.” 

Kaitlyn Berger is a cheerleader for Northport-East Northport, and Austin is a swimmer and cyclist. As school winners, they had the opportunity to continue on for the chance to be state winners, national finalists or national winners.  

Austin’s counselor described him as a “talented, athletic, hardworking independent community leader” who “has an optimistic approach to life and is successful in the goals he seeks to accomplish.” Kaitlyn’s counselor shared that she is a “fierce competitor, dedicated student and black belt in Tae Kwon Do” who possesses “a strong work ethic and often sets lofty goals for herself whether it be in the gym or in the classroom.” 

Thousands of nominees for the scholarship are analyzed before the top 3,600 across the nation are chosen as school winners. The scholarship is an extension of the Heisman Memorial Trophy which is awarded to the top college football player in the nation each year.  

“Kaitlyn and Austin are two student-athletes who commit to their academics and school community as much as they do to their sports. We have no doubt that they will continue their positive contributions at whatever university they choose to attend next year,” said Northport High School Assistant Principal Terrence Hinson.  

Update from Superintendent re: COVID-19

Click here for an update from Superintendent Robert Banzer regarding COVID-19.