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Academy of Information Technology

Donate / Get Involved


Please join us by getting involved with the Northport High School Academy of Information Technology. Many opportunities exist for you to share your time, expertise, and personal support with NAF Academy teachers and students.

Be part of an active coalition of industry partners and educators charged with ensuring the quality of NAF Academy programs and opportunities for young people.

Take an active role in bringing along the next generation of industry workers by providing work exposure and experiences for NAF Academy students within your company or department.

Ways to volunteer:

  • Host paid, professional internships for NAF Academy students within your company or department from the Academies of Finance, Academies of Hospitality & Tourism, Academies of Information Technology, or Academies of Engineering;
  • Host an industry field trip at your company or at a colleague’s company and give Academy students an inside tour;
  • Sponsor a fundraising event of any scale to raise scholarship funds for exceptional NAF Academy students for whom the cost of college is prohibitive;
  • Develop mentoring and job shadowing experiences for students within your company or department;
  • Join a NAF Academy instructor in designing an in-class presentation or workshop devoted to sharing the skills and expertise you have gained in a specific industry;
  • Provide one-to-one career, academic, and personal guidance through regular contact with a NAF Academy student; or
  • Raise awareness of and support for the NAF Academy in your community.


Call the program coordinator at 631.262.6688 to discuss the endless opportunities!

In Kind Donations
Businesses who cannot offer direct support may wish to contribute to our program with a donation. Donations can be in the form of money, equipment, and services. Donations may be used for: social events, new technology purchases, awards for competitions, scholarships, etc.
Among the benefits to you are:

corporate exposure in the community;
local newspaper write up;
school newspaper recognition;
school website recognition;
AOIT website recognition;
signage as appropriate in labs / around school;
local politicians to attend “ribbon cutting” if appropriate.
Please contact the AOIT coordinator at 631.262.6688 if you have any questions.


Become an AOIT Partner
We believe there are many benefits that accrue to those who volunteer as our business partners. Here are a few:

  • recognition as community leader;
  • visibility among industry peers and leaders;
  • rewarding experiences through involvement with local public schools and students of diverse backgrounds;
  • professionally beneficial networking opportunities and access to national business leadership through NAF national network membership;
  • personal and corporate recognition through local and national printed materials;
  • personally rewarding relationships with local students;
  • access to motivated employees who are eager for training and responsibility;
  • relationship development with a young person who will consider you a role model and mentor.
  • access to training seminars for Advisory Board Chair peer group from across the country;
  • membership in peer group of socially responsible and influential industry leaders;
  • opportunity to participate in training and supervision seminars through NAF Annual Institutes;
  • access to a pool of “on-call” temporary employees to address seasonal workforce needs;
  • access to future full-time employment prospects;
  • professionally beneficial networking and business opportunities;
  • opportunity to positively impact public education in your community.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the program coordinator at 631.262.6688.

Current Partners