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Science Department

Science Electives


This is a rigorous college-level course designed primarily for those planning careers in medicine, nursing, medical technology, other health and allied health-related fields, and physical education. The course provides an orientation to the various branches of medicine and focuses upon normal and abnormal anatomy and physiology. It lays the foundation for understanding and using medical terminology and addresses advancements in the field of medical technology. Medical laboratory techniques and dissections will be performed in the class-laboratory. Films on surgery will be analyzed. This course meets 7.5 periods per week and is eligible for college credit through a dual enrollment program with LIU Post High School Scholars Program (Bio 7 and Bio 8 - HUMAN Anatomy and Physiology I & II).  Tuition is approximately $420 per course.

Prerequisites: Algebra I, Living Environment R or SI, and Chemistry R or SI.

FORENSIC SCIENCE 1 Unit 40 weeks (2338) 
Forensic science is the application of the natural sciences to an investigation of physical evidence. This course will attempt to capture students’ interests by applying science skills to the contemporary, popular and professional field of law enforcement. Students will be involved in the collection of physical evidence from simulated crime scenes. The collected evidence will be analyzed by the students in our laboratory and pertinent related topics will be discussed in lectures and recitations. Materials for laboratory tests and analyses will be presented as "unknowns" wherever possible. Field trips will be scheduled. The course meets five periods per week.

Prerequisites: Algebra I, Living Environment R or SI, and Chemistry R or SI.

MARINE SCIENCE 1 Unit 40 weeks (2341) 
This course is designed for students who have an interest in oceanography and marine biology. Students will gain an understanding of marine ecosystems and interrelationships between organisms. Topics of exploration will include marine ecology, shoreline dynamics, ocean zones, ocean water composition and properties, currents, waves, and organism biology. Special focus will be given to Long Island’s own unique marine ecosystem. The course meets five periods per week.

Prerequisites: Algebra I, Earth Science R or SI, and Living Environment R or SI

ASTRONOMY 1 Unit 40 weeks (2226) 
Astronomy is a course that helps students develop a clear understanding of the universe and the Earth’s place within it. Students conduct field and laboratory investigations and use scientific methods to develop logical arguments about theories based solely on objective evidence. Students study the history of astronomy characteristics and life cycles of stars, formation of the solar system, comparison of planets, orientation and placement of the Earth in the Milky Way galaxy, formation of galaxies, and theories about the formation of the universe. The course meets five periods per week.

Prerequisites: Algebra I and Earth Science R or SI