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Mathematics Department

Summer Bridge Program

The Pre-Algebra Summer Bridge Program is offered to qualifying Math 7 students who wish to enroll in the Algebra I AB class during 8th grade. The program is designed to prepare participants for an accelerated study of mathematics and to “bridge” the curriculum gaps between Math 7 and Algebra.  
Due to the brisk pace and demanding nature of the course, students must be fully committed to the program and independently motivated in order to succeed and achieve the goal of accelerated placement. It is recommended that participants demonstrate exceptional achievement in Math 7, as indicated by report card performance grades.  Additional factors, such as NWEA performance and work habits, will be considered for enrollment. 

Enrollment in the Pre-Algebra Summer Bridge Program does not guarantee placement in Algebra I AB next fall. Program participants must demonstrate adequate progress on benchmark assessments (online and in class) throughout the course, and are expected to maintain a minimum average of 90 in order to demonstrate readiness for accelerated placement in the fall. Please be advised that extra help is not available to students during the Summer Bridge Program. 
You may apply using the above form for the Summer Bridge Program.