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Mathematics Department

Summer Bridge Program


The Pre-Algebra Summer Bridge Program is offered to current Math 7 students who wish to enroll in Algebra I during 8th grade.  The program is designed to prepare participants for an accelerated study of mathematics and to “bridge” the curriculum gaps between Math 7 and Algebra. 

Students enrolled in the Pre-Algebra Summer Bridge Program are required to engage in a rigorous and abbreviated course of study during the summer months.   The program is a hybrid model, with courses consisting of weekly classroom meetings in addition to an online component (Odysseyware®). 

Due to the brisk pace and demanding nature of the course, students must be fully committed to the program and independently motivated in order to succeed and achieve the goal of accelerated placement.  It is recommended that participants demonstrate exceptional achievement in Math 7, as indicated by report card performance grades. Additional factors, such as NWEA performance and work habits, may be considered for enrollment. 

For planning and decision-making, the tentative face-to-face meeting times for the program are indicated below.  Should your child wish to apply for enrollment in the program, kindly complete the application and return it by April 28 to Mr. Michael Toppi, c/o of ENMS, 1075 Fifth Avenue, East Northport, NY 11731. Enrollment is limited; therefore, the 25 most highly qualified applicants will be selected for the program. A brief program orientation will be held in late May; registered students will receive notification with further details.

June 3: 9 - 11AM                     July 10: 9 - 10:30AM             July 25: 9 - 11AM

June 10: 9 - 11AM                   July 11: 9 - 10:30AM              July 26:    9 - 10:30

June 17: 9 - 11AM                   July 12: 9 - 10:30AM              July 27:    9 - 10:30AM

June 26: 9 - 10:30AM            July 17: 9 - 10:30AM              July 31:    9 - 10:30AM

June 27: 9 – 10:30AM           July 18: 9 - 10:30AM              August 1: 9 - 10:30AM

July 5:    9 - 10:30AM             July 19: 9 - 10:30AM              August 2: 9AM - 12PM

July 6:    9AM - 12PM             July 24: 9 - 11AM                    August 3: 11AM - 1PM (Final)

Enrollment in the Pre-Algebra Summer Bridge Program does not guarantee placement in Algebra I next fall.   Program participants must demonstrate adequate progress on benchmark assessments (online and in class) throughout the course, and are expected to maintain a minimum average of 90 in order to demonstrate readiness for accelerated placement in the fall. Please be advised that extra help is not available to students during the Summer Bridge Program.