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World Languages and ENL

World Language Program


  Secondary World Language Course Offerings
 Course descriptions can be found in the Northport-East Northport course catalogues.
Please click on your child's school page to view the appropriate course catalogue link.


7           French 7           Italian 7             Spanish 7

8           French 8          Italian 8              Spanish 8                  Spanish 1A

9           French 2R          Italian 2R             Spanish 2R                Spanish 1B
or         French 2RE       Italian 2RE            Spanish 2RE             

10          French 3R            Italian 3R              Spanish 3R               
or           French 3RE           Italian 3RE             Spanish 3RE     

11      French 4RE            Italian 4RE               Spanish 4RE                         
or      French 4IB               Italian 4IB                  Spanish 4IB 
or      French ALC4              Italian ALC4                Spanish ALC4   

12       French 5IB                 Italian 5IB                Spanish 5IB  
or        French ALC5                Italian ALC5              Spanish ALC5
or        French Language AP          Italian AP                 Spanish Language AP        

Electives (These electives only run based on student interest and teacher availability)

The World Language electives are available to students enrolled in grades 10 -12. Tenth grade students may take one of these electives in addition to (and not in lieu of) their current Regents level language course.  

  • ASL 1
  • ASL 2
  • Japanese 1    
  • Japanese 2/3
  • Chinese 1     
  • French 1/2
  • Italian 1/2 
  • Spanish 1/2