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Middle School Labs offer Expanded Technology and Engineering Courses

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 Northport-East Northport middle schools have taken their technology education courses to a new level this year, with an expanded curriculum and refinished computer and robotics labs. Both Northport Middle School and East Northport Middle School offer units of study in robotics and automation, architectural design and computer integrated manufacturing for sixth, seventh and eighth graders.  

Students are learning the ins and outs of coding, and then applying them to manufacture real life examples. From finding creative ways to model a railroad crossing to building a 3D printed chess set, students can explore different ways bring their engineering designs and models to life. The newly renovated labs have expansive space for both crafting physical models and coding on the computer, and contain a vast array of materials for students to utilize in their designs. Similarly, the wood tech labs offer equipment that is age appropriate yet challenging to prepare students for the opportunity to take advanced courses at the high school. “Project-based engineering and technology education with computer integrated manufacturing is a powerful tool for learning at all grade levels,” shared District Chairperson of Science, Engineering and Technology David Storch.  

The program continues to develop and grow with expanded MakerSpace STEM labs and opportunities for technology robotics and engineering clubs and regional competition Engineering. The hope is that students will go on to take advanced courses at the high school level, which offers Academy of Information Technology, Project Lead the Way Engineering, and advanced robotics, technology and engineering courses.