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Watch the Varsity Basketball Playoffs!

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Click here for the February 27th 12:00pm Boys Varsity playoff game against Ward Melville

Click here for the February 27th 12:00pm Girls Varsity playoff game against Longwood. 

Northport High School participates in Unified Bowling and Athletics for All event

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Building upon their existing Unified Basketball program, Northport High School piloted a successful Unified Bowling team this year and participated in Section XI’s Athletics for All bowling event. Both the team and event bring general education and special education students together for fun and safe activities. 

In light of Section XI’s pause on high-risk sports to start the year, the district decided to pilot Unified Bowling so that students would still be able to partake in a unified sport. These teams, which are comprised of both general and special education students, provide students with an opportunity to bond and build an inclusive atmosphere. With this in mind, the district decided to participate in Section XI’s Athletics for All event as a natural extension of the program. Compared to the regular season of Unified Bowling, Transition Coordinator Cassie Reilly shared that during the Athletics for All event, “students enjoyed the laid-back experience with music and food.” To recruit students, the district worked with their Best Buddies program coordinators and eight students ultimately signed up.  

Ms. Reilly also added that district is “very proud to offer an inclusive program. It’s a chance for students to get out and do something fun that encourages physical activity while still following the COVID regulations.” 

Moving forward, the district is hoping to restart the Unified Basketball program and eventually expand into other sports as well.  


Northport High School Resumes Winter Sports

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The long-awaited return of high-risk winter sports at Northport High School, including boys and girls basketball, competitive cheerleading and wrestling has arrived. As the district begins implementing the various protocols put in place by Section XI, students are adapting and showing their excitement for this slice of normalcy.  

On February 3rd, students began their tryouts in the school’s gyms. As coaches reviewed the new protocols and checked off the necessary documentation for students to participate, they began warmups and returned to the court. Eager students kicked off tryouts with drills and a commitment to staying safe and protecting their peers. 

Despite the heightened safety precautions, student-athletes appeared thrilled to be back to participating. “It’s awesome to have our student athletes back to playing. Their dedication to their respective sports and willingness to persevere through the various precautions is so impressive. It’s a true representation of school spirit,” shared Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics Mark Dantuono.  

Coaches have been working diligently to ensure students are prepared for the season ahead as well. When discussing the coaches, Mr. Dantuono added “Our coaching staff rose to the challenge and have been doing a fantastic job implementing all of the newly required protocols along with preparing their teams for competition.”