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Bellerose Avenue Elementary School

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)




School Year 2017  -2018

What is the contact information for Bellerose Avenue?

PRINCIPAL: Lori Beekman
SCHOOL PHONE: 262-6800
SCHOOL NURSE: Nancy Baldi,  262-6803

What are the school hours?

All Grades:  8:05 - 2:25


What are the arrival and dismissal procedures?


Bellerose Avenue has three official drop off points.  1) Students riding the buses are dropped in the bus circle outside of the front entrance.  No cars are allowed in the bus circle during arrival.  2) Students in cars may be dropped off beyond the bus circle at the sidewalk area.  This area is marked with signs.  After the students are dropped off, they will walk up the sidewalk to the front entrance. 3) We have a primary drop off (grades kindergarten and one) site at our upper traffic circle directly outside of the Kindergarten area.  Do not use the primary drop off site after 8:05 as the door will be locked.  Personnel is assigned to monitor drop off areas.  The gate access that is located closest to the modulars is for the use of walkers and bike riders only. Do not drop off students on Bellerose Avenue , as it is extremely dangerous.  Please drop off your children in the designated areas for their safety.


Students will be walked to dismissal. Bus riders will exit through the front exit. Students who are picked up by their parents will line up on the blacktop immediately outside the All Purpose Room. Parents should meet their children outside the All Purpose Room. In case of inclement weather, parents may pick up their students directly from the All Purpose Room. Students who attend clubs will meet their club adviser in the All Purpose Room. 

All students must have a note to stay after school for an event.  Parent permission must be provided in writing for students to attend after-school clubs.  The initial permission that is provided on the permission slip form gives permission for a child to attend all club meeting dates.  In the event that a parent wishes for the student NOT to attend a particular club date, a note should be provided to communicate this information to the school.

Parents are requested to inform their children of the route they wish them to travel and urge them to observe pedestrian and traffic safety precautions. We urge every parent to advise their children against talking to strangers at any time. The traffic circle is limited to buses only from 7:30 am through 8:05 am and 2:05 pm through 2:45 pm. It is against New York State Law for cars to use the bus drop off area. The gate access that is located closest to the modulars is for the use of walkers and bike riders only. For the safety of our children, cars cannot use this access for picking up and dropping off students. Parking is limited to the lots only. VEHICLES ARE NOT PERMITTED TO DRIVE DIRECTLY TO CLASSROOMS. The principal must approve extenuating circumstances due to physical limitations.

What happens if my child is late to school?

Students should arrive promptly by 8:05AM, because the morning routines are very important in setting a positive tone for a successful day.  If your child is late, please sign your child in with the Greeter at the front entrance. 

What do I do if my child is ill and can't come to school?

It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to notify the school when a child is ill or will be absent from school. Any day your child is absent from school, please call this information to the nurse by 8:45 a.m., otherwise the school nurse will try to contact the home to verify the reason for the child being absent.

Students returning to school after an absence must bring a note signed by their parent explaining the reason for the absence. This note should be given to the classroom teacher on the day the child returns.

What is the Attendance Policy?

No child can be expected to successfully do his/her classroom work if attendance is irregular. A child should be in school every day that he/she is physically able. To miss a day may mean that the child will miss the introduction or development of some necessary skill. Should you remove your child from school for vacations, other than those set forth by the Board of Education, this is considered an illegal absence. If you have no other choice, it is suggested that your child maintain a writing journal, prepare a presentation, compile a scrapbook, and then share the experience with the class upon his/her return. No new work can be provided to your child as an assignment.

After any absence or tardiness, a child must bring a written note from home. Requests for early dismissal or extended absences should be in writing and presented to the classroom teacher.

What is the procedures for getting messages to or from my child?

Please be sure that we have your telephone number and an emergency number in the event of school closing, illness, etc. Telephone messages of an emergency nature only will be relayed to your children. Children are permitted the use of the office telephone for messages/requests deemed essential by the teacher. We discourage calls for forgotten lunches, gym clothes, social matters, etc.

How do I sign in when I visit the school for special events?

All parents, friends, volunteers, and other visitors who come to the school for any reason, MUST REPORT DIRECTLY TO THE GREETER AND PICK UP A VISITOR'S PASS. visitors MAY ONLY ENTER THROUGH THE FRONT ENTRANCE. This is a security measure we insist upon and feel it is in the best interest of your child's safety. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

What are the bus procedures?

We appreciate home reinforcement of bus safety and courtesy. Children violating their safety, and the safety of others while riding on the bus will jeopardize their bus riding privilege. If your child is eligible for bus transportation, please encourage your child to "ride the bus" and avoid driving him/her to school. We stress bus safety at school and your child will have three routine bus safety drills throughout the school year. A Bus Action FORM is available (in the office) for purposes of reporting any bus incidents; both positive and negative.

Students may NOT ride an alternate bus for play dates.

*Walkers are not permitted to use the school buses unless they are on a field trip.

How can I learn about school news and upcoming events?

We have a District Publication entitled Our Schools. This publication is mailed home several times a year and it will provide you with complete information about district wide events, programs, services, facilities, school recesses, etc. Each month we have a monthly school newsletter, The News Owl, that will be posted on our Bellerose Avenue Website at the end of the month.

What do I do in the event of an emergency school closing?

On rare occasions, the school district may close earlier than the regularly scheduled hours. In such cases, please be certain your child knows where he/she should go, in the event you are not at home. (This will also be of great help to the school and child during the regular school year). A mutual arrangement among neighbors will greatly assist your child, when emergency situations arise--whether they are related to early school closing or a parent being delayed in getting home from shopping or work. We would appreciate your attention to this important matter in you child's everyday life. Are your emergency contacts and telephone numbers on file and up-to-date? Please check your child's Demographic Forms carefully and make needed changes.

How can I get involved with our Bellerose Avenue P.T.A.?

The P.T.A. meets at Bellerose Avenue School on a monthly basis.  All are invited to these open meetings. The P.T.A. Meeting dates are posted on our District Calendar.

How are class placements decided?

Annual class placement of children takes place in the spring and all staff are involved in a most comprehensive process. Consideration includes: reading levels, testing data, social/emotional concerns, teaching styles, and learning styles.

When is the School Store Open?

The P.T.A. School Store will be open during lunch periods twice per week—school supplies may be purchased. The school store is a PTA fund-raising activity. They would appreciate your patronage throughout the school year.

What are the discipline procedures?

Bellerose Avenue Elementary is a school that stands for respect for all members of our community.
Students must feel emotionally and physically safe to succeed academically and personally.

A district and school discipline handbook has been developed by staff, parents, and students. It will be in effect this year and will enable classroom teachers and special area teachers to give more attention to students. Copies will be provided for all families.

What are the New York State Testing Requirements in Grades 3 - 5

Students in grades 3-5 participate in the New York State Testing Program, which involves assessments in English Language Arts and Mathematics. In addition, fourth grade students will be tested in Science.

What other assessments are offered at Bellerose Avenue?

The District provides a comprehensive testing program to assess the academic ability and achievement of each student, beginning with Kindergarten and continuing through the fifth grade. These tests supply information needed for effective educational guidance. Other special tests (Psychological, Speech, Reading, Math, P.E., etc.) may be administered, if a student is having any learning difficulties. These can be requested by parents, guardians, or school staff. However, written parental/guardian consent is mandatory. When the testing battery is completed, the staff and parents meet to review the test results and recommendations formulated at a Learning Support Team Meeting (LST).

How will I be informed of my child's progress?

Pupil evaluations in the form of written Pupil Progress Reports for our students in grades K-5 are issued three times a year. Progress is indicated in skills related to areas such as reading, social studies, science, math, etc. Other areas of the child's experience, such as work habits and social growth, are also important parts of these reports. Teachers and parents need time to also talk together to share additional information and concerns. To accomplish this, planned conference times are also an integral part of the Pupil Progress Report and are conducted in the fall, spring or other times at the requests of parents or teachers. Please don't wait for the conference time if you have a problem or concern relating to your child. Contact your child's teacher for an appointment and discuss the problem together as a first step.

What are the Special Program Areas offered to my child?

In addition to the regular K-5 classroom instructional program and the special education program, each child will receive instruction from Special Area Staff in Art, Music, Library and Physical Education. Further, the Board of Education has provided each elementary school with a counselor, who will work with class groups, individual youngsters, and parent groups. For those children who are in need of remedial/corrective help, i.e., math, reading, adaptive P.E. and speech, instructional services 5 are provided. There are also other opportunities for children to participate in chorus, band, orchestra and after-school activities. Not all programs are available at every grade level.

Can my child ride a bike to school?

Children should park their bicycles in the racks provided as soon as they arrive at school. The school cannot assume responsibility for bicycles and we urge children to keep them locked. Bicycle safety should be followed at all times. Please instruct your child to walk his/her bicycle when on school grounds. State law requires bicycle helmets for all children under the age of 14.

What are the Bellerose Health Policies?

Student illness occurring during the school day will be evaluated by the Nurse. The student will either be sent home or allowed to rest in the Health Office. Heights and weights are done routinely on all students. Hearing and vision screening are also done school wide and defects are referred to the family for professional follow-up. Scoliosis screening is done on youngsters 8 and older. Any deviation from the norm is referred to the family for further follow-up. Physical exams are required by law in grades K, 1, and 3 by the family physician or school physician. No medication will be dispensed in the Health Office unless it is accompanied by note from medical doctor with name of drug, dosage, frequency and side effects. It must be countersigned by parent. This would be for antibiotics and other short-term medications. Medicine may not be sent to school with the students to be carried to the Health Office. Students may not take medications on their own. All medications must be handled by the parent/guardian directly with the School Nurse.