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Northport High School

Nurse's Corner


Mrs. Memole-Inkelis, School Nurse

Mrs. Donna Mullin, School Nurse

(631) 262-6746


Application for Sports Clearance will be done online on FamilyID beginning with the Fall 2019 season.  Sports clearances are required prior to every season for which a student plans to participate.  For further information on sports clearances and clearance dates, please visit the Athletic Department website at: and click on “physical education and athletics” under the program tab.


If you have any questions, please call the Nurses’ Office at 262-6746.  The Health Office Fax number is:  631-439-7440.

NO STUDENT will be permitted to carry or take and medication on his or her own (Including medications such as Tylenol, cough drops, or other prescriptions or over the counter medications). A completed "Administration of Medication in Schools" form must be completed by your family physician and submitted to the school nurse for any medication needed by your child during the school day.

New state law requires all Ninth and Eleventh graders to have a physical examination within a year of the start of school. You may send the physical form to the health office or fax it @ 631-439-7440.

Medication in school : Any prescription or over the counter medication taken during the school day must be administered by the school nurse. Please download the appropriate form by clicking on “Administration of Medication in School “link below. The parent and doctor must complete the form and return it to the school nurse. All medications must be in a pharmacy bottle with the name of the medication, dosage, doctor and student name clearly labeled. If a parent and doctor request permission for a student to self-administer a medication, you must download and complete the additional “Self Medication Release form” Controlled substances and certain other medications may not be allowed to be carried by the student, please check with the school nurse.

Medications on Field Trips: Please be aware that no medication will be sent by the school Health Office on a field trip with your child unless you speak with the Nurse in advance of the trip.

On overnight field trips where students will be taking medications not normally taken during the school day, Doctors orders and parent permission slips must be on file in the Health Office. This includes prescription and over the counter medications. A packet will be sent home before each field trip.

9th and 11th Grade Physicals: New York State Law requires all 9th and 11th graders and new entrants have a physical examination by a New York State licensed physician. The physical must be completed within one year of the start of the upcoming school year. The physical may be performed by your family physician or by the school physician. The school physician will be conducting physicals in the High School at various times through the school year. If we have not received a completed physical form for your student or have not heard from you, we will schedule your child for a school physical.

The physical must include height, weight, blood pressure, vision, hearing and scoliosis screening. If vision and hearing is not completed by your private MD, the school nurse will complete the screening.

9th Grade Screening: New York State Education Law requires all 9th grade boys be screened for scoliosis. If no documentation of screening is received by the school nurse, the screening will be completed by the nurse.