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Northport Middle School

Library and Internet Resources


The NMS Research and Reading Library is open all day from 8:15am to 3:18pm.  Students have to get a pass from a library staff member to come to the Library after eating lunch.

Book Selection / Return: The Library is open thorughout the day for book selection or books return. Students arrequired to sign the card located in the back of the book and take a due date card.  Books are available on a 3 week loan agreement

Click here for the NMS Library web site.

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Accelerated Reader
Click here for the Accelerated Reader web site (to take a quiz).

Below, you will find two different Accelerated Reader Reading Lists as well as a helpful hints section. We have divided the complete list into two smaller lists. Hopefully, the division will make it easier for you to find a particular title (click on the blue links below).



helpful hints for AR book selection

  • Verify all title selections with your individual teachers. Each teacher has a different reading requirement
  • SAVE A TREE!!! Do not print the entire list. Simply jot down interesting titles and visit Northport Middle School Library or East Northport/Northport Public Libraries to check out books.
  • Choose titles you are interested in reading. Movies are different from books!!! Do not select a book without reading the book. Trust me… It will not work.
  • The ARP does not permit you to test on a book you have previously tested on. (In other words, if you took a test in sixth grade, you cannot re-take the test.)
  • Please remember you may not test on class novels. CHECK WITH YOUR TEACHER!!
  • PLEASE DO NOT WAIT until the last possible day to test on your book. READ the book early in the quarter!! It will decrease your stress levels!!

attention all seventh graders

  • PLEASE CHECK 7TH GRADE SELECTION LIST PRIOR TO READING YOUR BOOK. The title must be on the special list!! Copies of the 7th Grade List are available with 7th Grade English Teachers and in the NMS Library.