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Student Support Services

Student Registration

Welcome to the Northport-East Northport School District! 

We are pleased to welcome you to the Northport – East Northport Union Free School District. In order to safeguard the health of your child/children, to place your child/children in the most appropriate program, and to conform with New York State law and District Policy, we will need certain information and records.

To see what school your child is zoned for, please see the district map here: 

Online Registration is open for the 2022-2023 school year. 

If you have any questions, or if translation services are needed at time of
registration, please contact the Registration Office at: 262-8546. 

Step 1:

  • CLICK HERE if you have an existing Parent Portal account (currently have a child/children attending Northport-East Northport School District)
  • CLICK HERE if you do NOT have an existing Parent Portal account. 

  • The Spanish version of the online registration form will be available soon.

Step 2: Upload all required documents using this form:


If you are unable to upload documents, please call 631-262-8546 to arrange a time to drop them off. A full list of usable documents can be found below. 

Step 3: You may schedule an appointment to meet with our Registrar by calling 631-262-8546.

Appointments are being scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Children who reach their fifth birthday, on or before December 31, 2022, are entitled to attend Kindergarten commencing September 2022

Please note:  If your child will be attending a private/parochial school, you    
still must register them in the Northport-East Northport School District.

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 * According to NY State Law, In order to register your child/children in the School District, you must be physically domiciled at your address within the School District’s geographic boundaries*

Please be advised: that in order for your child/children to attend the Northport – East Northport Union Free School District (“School District”), you must be a resident of the School District. Section 210.45 of the Penal Law of the State of New York prohibits the making of a false written statement. Therefore, your statements contained in your registration application must be true and accurate.

 *If the School District determines at any time that you are not a resident of the School District, your child/children will be excluded from the School District. Further, you will be liable to the School District for payment of tuition from their date of enrollment through their date of exclusion, as well as the costs of collection.

Proof of Residency is Required –

This is not an exhaustive list of proof that you may provide to prove your residency in the District.

Section A - One of the following:

  • Copy of residential lease or proof of ownership of a house or condominium, such as a deed or mortgage statement
  • A statement by a third-party landlord, owner or tenant from whom the parent(s) or person(s) in parental relation leases or with whom they share property within the district.
  • Such other statement by a third-party establishing parent(s) or person(s) in parental relation physical presence in the school district
  • Other forms of documentation and/or information establishing parent(s) or person(s) in parental relation physical presence in the school district.  For instance: current property tax bill, current homeowner's/rental insurance policy statement, see also list from section B







Section B - Two of the following:

  • Pay stub
  • Income tax form(s)
  • Utility bill or other bills (e.g., PSEGLI, Cable, National Grid, etc.)
  • Membership documents that are based upon residency (e.g., library cards)
  • Voter registration documents
  • Official Driver's Licence, learner's permit or non-driver identification
  • Documents issued by Federal, State or local agencies ( e.g., local social services agency, Federal office or refugee resettlement)
  • Evidence of custody of the child/children including, but not limited to: judicial custody orders or guardianship papers
  • Other forms of documentation and/or information establishing parent(s) or person(s) in parental relation physical presence in the school district



Parent(s)/Guardian(s) shall provide proper proof of parental relationship.

The School District may require the parent(s) or person(s) in parental relation to provide the School District with an affidavit either: (1) indicating that they are the parent(s) with whom the child/children lawfully resides; or (2) indicating that they are the person(s) in parental relation to the child/children, over whom they have a total and permanent custody and control, and describing how they obtained total and permanent custody and control, whether through guardianship or otherwise. The School District may also accept other proof, such as documentation indicating that the child/children resides with a sponsor with whom the child/children has been placed by a federal agency.



  • In order to determine, for instance, the programming needs of your child/children, you will need to provide proof of age by providing one of the following:
    • An original or certified transcript of a birth certificate or record of baptism (including an original or certified transcript of a foreign birth certificate or record of baptism) giving the date of birth; or
    • passport (including foreign passport) giving the date of birth
  • Where the above are not available, the School District may consider certain other documents/records in existence two years or more to determine age. One or more of these documents may be necessary. The documents are the following:
    • official driver’s license
    • state or other government issued identification
    • school photo identification with date of birth
    • consulate identification card
    • hospital or health records
    • military dependent identification card
    • documents issued by federal, state or local agencies (for instance, local social services agency, federal Office of Refugee Resettlement)
    • court orders or other court-issued documents
    • Native American trial document
    • records from non-profit international aid agencies and voluntary agencies
    • Note: The School District may need to verify these documents/record



Students will be registered when all immunizations are completed. One of the following proofs may be submitted and a copy attached to the immunization form:

  • Certificate of Immunization signed by a New York State licensed physician
  • Certificate of Immunization signed by a representative of an official health clinic
  • New York State Physical Examination Form signed and dated by a licensed NY State Physician



If you plan to enroll your child at any in or out of district private or parochial school and would like to request bus transportation from the Northport-East Northport School District, please complete and submit a request for transportation form as follows:

Requests for Transportation to NON-PUBLIC SCHOOLS (Click Here for Application). 

Current Residents - must submit request by April 1, 2022 for the following school year. 

New Residents - must submit request within 30 days of moving into the District.   


Requests for Transportation to CHILDCARE PROVIDERS (Click Here for Application).

All requests for transportation to childcare providers must be submitted by April 1, 2022

Please return all completed transportation forms to:

Office of Transportation
PO BOX 210
Northport, NY 11768
or email to:

Please call 262-6865 for any transportation questions.

Enrollment Forms