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BanzerSuperintendent's Page

Robert Banzer
Superintendent of Schools

If you wish to contact the Office of the Superintendent, please call (631) 262-6604 or email



Dear Community Residents,

It is with much enthusiasm that we prepare to welcome students and staff members into a fresh new school year filled with educational experiences. One of our exciting highlights is the implementation of our District-Wide Strategic Plan. This plan includes our district mission, vision, core values and priority areas. There are already initiatives based on this plan that are underway. This includes our Responsive Classroom implementation at the elementary schools and the 1:1 Chromebook Initiative at both middle schools. We have also made a number of capital improvements designed to upgrade our facilities and improve energy efficiency.

This will be the first school year that our Strategic Plan is in place. Last March, a committee comprised of Board of Education members, administrators, teachers, parents and other members of the school community, welcomed the charge of creating this plan as a way to reinforce and organize the district's focus on educating the whole child. I am very proud of the mission statement, set of core values and long-term goals that resulted from the time and teamwork this group shared. We have also identified several priority areas for this upcoming school year, including: curriculum, social emotional learning and professional development. For more information about the Strategic Plan go to:

This summer we developed a series of trainings for teachers as we prepare to distribute Chromebooks to each of our middle school students. Our Chromebook Initiative will provide each student in grades 6-8 with a device to use in school and take home, in order to provide countless opportunities for 21st-Century learning, collaboration and college- and career-readiness to flourish. Approximately 1,500 Chromebooks will be distributed within our middle schools during the first few weeks of school, and all are equipped to utilize the Google Suite products such as Google Drive and Google Classrooms. This new development represents a significant step forward for our district, as it means that our students will be better able to actively participate in the digital world; they will gain access to web based resources and research materials and connect with people all over the globe. The integration of technology into the curricula will cultivate creativity, innovation, student-centered learning and individuality. We are eager to move forward in this new endeavor, and look forward to updating you about its progress and positive contributions to our programs.

Along with implementing tools of technology to support students and teachers, we are also researching ways to support the social-emotional learning of our students. We believe that integrating academic and social-emotional skills will foster an environment where students can engage in their very best learning. Responsive Classroom is a research-based approach to education that gives teachers the tools they need to create classroom communities that maximize student learning. In addition to our book studies at each of the elementary schools, this summer almost thirty teachers attended a four-day training. We look forward to sharing these ideas with teachers at Superintendent's Conference Day and bringing Responsive Classroom practices and strategies to our buildings this fall.

These initiatives demonstrate the constructive movement that occurs when people come together and combine observations and ideas. I am grateful for the school-community connection, a committed Board of Education, our supportive residents and the dedication of Northport-East Northport students and staff members who keep our tradition of excellence going strong. I look forward to seeing you throughout the year!


Robert L. Banzer
Superintendent of Schools