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Northport High School

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Northport, NY 11768
School Office Hours: 7:30-3:30
Phone: 631-262-6654

Robert Dennis, Principal
Angelo Cocchiola, Assistant Principal

Terrence Hinson, Assistant Principal
Denise Keenan, Assistant Principal
TBD, Assistant Principal

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Main Office Phone
(631) 262-6654
Main Office Fax
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NHS Weather Monitoring Station: Our Greenhouse is connected to its own WeatherLink Monitoring Station, complete with temperature, humidity, wind direction & speed, and much, much more!  Check here for realtime weather updates. 


Current News

Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

Class_of_20222.png thumbnail223047
The Northport High School class of 2022 celebrated their commencement ceremony on Saturday, June 25 alongside their peers and families at Tiger Stadium. The sunny ceremony follows their years of hard work and growth and began with class president Lisa Kovacs leading the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. 
Salutatorian Michael Torres then addressed his peers, describing his personal growth and thanking those who helped him get to this point. “I learned something unique from each of you. I learned how to express myself. I learned how to accept support. I learned extensively about topics I was never familiar with, such as history and geography. I even learned how good creek water can taste, surprisingly. I can’t even count how many times I was grateful for you all for pushing me out of my comfort zone. Thank you,” he said. 
Principal Rob Dennis reflected on how this class has endured many challenges and will undoubtably shape the questions and answers of our future. “In your time at Northport High School, I know that you have developed the tools to be thoughtful communicators, empathetic analyzers, deliberate thinkers and open-minded collaborators,” he said as he addressed the new alumni. “We are proud of the people you have become. We are proud of the questions you have had to grapple with. Proud of the resiliency you have shown, and proud of the answers you have given us.”
Students were then handed their diplomas one by one as the crowd cheered them on. Parents, siblings and family members in attendance shouted in praise as students walked across the Northport High School stage for the final time. 
 Finally, salutatorian Esther Loring addressed her peers and followed a similar theme of gratitude and excitement for the future. She also encouraged her peers to continue to strive to make the world a better place through understanding and acceptance. “Strive for understanding, or rather, acceptance, because it’s extremely difficult to understand something that you have never experienced yourself. Engage yourself in the world. Don’t be afraid to try new things outside your comfort zone. Although it may be scary, to do so will also be very rewarding,” she said. 
Esther concluded by reminding her peers that they can have an impact on the world and that this is only the beginning. 
“If you end up in a situation that you do not like, try not to feel like it’s impossible to change your trajectory, or the trajectory of the world, for that matter. If you believe something’s impossible it will be, but if you hope for a possibility of change, it might just actually happen.  Realize you don’t know everything, and that is a beautiful thing. Look at knowledge as fluid, not as a fixed thing and don’t feel bogged down in the things you don’t know. See it as endless opportunities to learn and grow.”
“The next few years is a prime opportunity to discover who you truly are make yourself into the person that you want to be,” she concluded. 
Congratulations to the class of 2022! 

Seniors Recognized During Annual Scholastic Awards Ceremony

scholastic.png thumbnail222917

Congratulations to all of our outstanding seniors who were recognized during the annual Scholastic Awards Ceremony. These students have excelled in their academics, their extracurriculars and as individuals. 

We have no doubt that they will continue to be successful into the future. 

Valedictorian: Esther Loring
Salutatorian: Michael Torres

Cum Laude: 
Joseph Athanasio, Sophia Bica, Peyton Brill, Grace Freas, Sam Gibbons, Grace Gillin, Jonah Gold, Cassandra Howard, Stefany Jimenez, Bronwyn Kiernan, Ethan Koenig, Harrison LeBow, Samuel Leon, Jingling Liao, Kailey Maloney, Valentina Masone, Nicholas Mazzara,                                        Madison McLoughlin, Rachel Mincone, Michael Monda, Julia Perry, Isabel Potter,   Liam Prisco, Calder Raio, Chloe Reilly,  Alexander Romero, Audrey Ryan, William Sanders,    Maddox Smith, Tor Swenson, Emily Sylvanus, Abigail Uhrin, Mackenzie Vallas, Andrew Vasiliou,Grace Wertheimer, Kylie Wieczorek, Corrine Wolk, Zachary Zdrojeski

Magna Cum Laude:
Soraya Basrai, Juliette Bonchonsky, Kayley Brummel, Panyu Chan, Madeleine Cierski, Victoria Cipollino, Braden Ciszek, Matteo Cornetta, Max Glick, Philip Greenwood, Madison Heckman, Hayden Joyce, Luke Kaiser, Lydia Kinirons, Ava Lynch, Carlin Overton, Brenna Parker,   Ava Pearlman, Kiersten Pitfick, Nina Ritter, Kellen Ryan, Alexa Shekian, Charlotte Thieke, Jennifer Weigand

Summa  Cum Laude: 
Jack Breckling, Luke Frisoli, Nicholas Gillgan, Lisa Kovacs, Esther Loring, Shane McGlone, Hailey Roethel, Patrick Sweeney, Michael Torres, Clare Vogt

National Merit Scholarship Finalists: Jack Breckling
National Merit Commended Scholars: Madeleine Cierski, Braden Ciszek, Grace Freas, Luke Frisoli, Nicholas Gilligan, Esther Loring, Valentina Masone, Audrey Ryan, Clare Vogt
ACT AWARD: Jack Breckling

2022 Government Achievement Award: Harrison LeBow
2022 Suffolk County Executive Public Service Award: Lisa Kovacs
NYS Office of Attorney General Triple "C" Award: Franklin Noonan, Maddox Smith
Congressional Certificate of Merit: Philip Greenwood
NYS Office of State Comptroller Achievement Award: Luke Frisoli, Hailey Roethel
McDonald's Ray Kroc Achievement Award: Tyler Florio
The Andrew McMorris Foundation Scholarship 2022: Michael Monda
2022 Donald A. Pius Memorial Scholarship: Liao Jingling, Shaun Serrano

Rotary Club Student of the Month Award: Benjamin Herbert
Comic Book Illustration Award: Gianna Gonzales
Community Service Award: Benjamin Herbert
Visual Arts Award: Olivia Jaworski
Fashion Award: Justine Abarca
Ceramics Award: Iveth Granados
Jewelry Award : Katelyn Urevich
Digital Imaging Award: Sarah Scutellaro
Computer Art Award: Ethan Koenig
Photography Award: Sam Levins
Video Award: Wyeth Semo
Sculpture Award: Joseph Castellazzo
Painting Award: Gabriella Kryoneris
High School Art Award: Emma Martensen
Multi-Media Award: Elle Vezzi
Fine Arts Award: Nicholas Bennett
Teachers' Award: Skyla Fabbricante
Walter Webb Award: Olivia DeFeo
NASA Director's Award for Excellence: Holly Tilton
Beth-Ellyn Mont Memorial Scholarship: Olivia DeFeo
SCALA Senior Scholarship: Benjamin Herbert

SCMEA Music Scholarship: Esther Loring
Dora Clarke Memorial Scholarship: Valentina Masone
Garland Butts Memorial Scholarship: Aidan Foley
Robert & Marjorie Krueger Memorial Scholarship: James Graziano
Robert Padgett Memorial Scholarship (Musician of the Year Award): Julia Mescallado
John Philip Sousa Band Award: Juliette Bonchonsky
Louis Armstrong Award: Nicholas Gilligan
National School Choral Award: Grace Freas
National School Orchestra Award: Claire Vogt
James J. Cassara Scholarship: Patrick Hines
NASA Director's Award for Excellence: Ethan Koenig
Michael C. Kauffman Memorial Scholarship: Michael Perrino
NYSCAME/Suffolk Music Scholarship:Shane McGlone

Financial Planning Outstanding Achievement Award : Panyu Chan, Jingling Liao
Virtual Enterprise Outstanding Achievement Award: Brenna Parker, Livia Stachura, Heather Tuohy
IB Business Management Outstanding Achievement Award : Samuel Leon, Jonathon Locke
International Business Outstanding Achievement Award: Max Glick, Abigail Uhrin
AOF Student Executive Board Outstanding Achievement Award: Brenna Parker
Suffolk Association of School Business Officials Scholarship: Charlotte Kirincic
Munistat Services, Inc. Scholarship: Carlin Overton
NASA Chairperson’s Award for Excellence: Nisanur Demiroglu

Class Participation/ Contribution Award: Shane McGlone
Creative Writing Award: Grace Freas
Literary Analysis Award: Braden Ciszek
English Writing Award : Cassandra Howard
Outstanding Achievement in English for Grades 9-12: Ava Lynch
Most Improved Student Over Four Years: Kylie Marino
NASA Chairperson's Award for Excellence: Harrison LeBow

Outstanding Achievement Award: Jayden Cheffo
E-Team Inspiration Award: Daniel Gibbons

Human Development Award: Natalie Mancusi
Culinary Arts Award: William Washko
NASA Chairperson's Award for Excellence: Thomas Izzo

NASA Director's Award for Excellence in Health Education: William Sanders
NASA Director's Award for Excellence in Athletics: Jackson Campbell
NASA Director's Award for Excellence in Physical Education: Wyeth Semo

Joe Quartararo Math Fair Award: Esther Loring
Excellence in Regents Performance Award: Luke Frisoli
Excellence in Computer Science Award: Michael Gorney
Excellence in AP Statistics Award: Lisa Kovacs
Excellence in AP Calculus Award: Luke Frisoli
Excellence in IB Mathematics Award: Madeleine Cierski
Math Honor Society Leadership Award: Soraya Basrai
NASA Chairperson's Award for Excellence: Michael Torres

Advanced Placement Biology Scholar : Kellen Ryan
Advanced Placement Chemistry Scholars: Lisa Kovacs, Shane McGlone
Advanced Placement Environmental Sci Scholars: Max Glick, Philip Greenwood
Advanced Placement Physics Scholars: Nicholas Gilligan, Corinne Wolk
International Baccalaureate Biology Scholar: Grace Reuschle
International Baccalaureate Physics Scholar: Michael Torres
Medical Anatomy & Physiology Scholar: Rachel Mincone, Hailey Roethel
Forensic Science Scholars: Maddox Smith
Kerner Family Scientific Research Scholarship: Kellen Ryan
Ralph Sonen Science Award: Esther Loring
NASA Science Chairperson’s Award for Excellence: Maddox Smith

Donald O'Brien Wood & Materials, Technology Education Scholars: Mason Sipala, Alexa Vassallo
Automotive & Transportation Technology Education Scholar: Kyle Cedfeldt
Award for Excellence in Information Technology: Calder Raio
Assoc. of LI Vocational Educators Outstanding Student Award: William Washko
William Sonen Scholarship for Civil Engineering & Architecture: Patrick Sweeney
ASSET Scholarship: Louis DeSario
Bruce Mateer PLTW Engineering Scholar: Michael Monda
NASA Technology Education Chairperson’s Award for Excellence: Andrew Vasiliou
STEM Award for Excellence: Soraya Basrai

Outstanding Urban Studies Student Award: Andrew Carlson, Alivia Cesarano, Luke Kaiser,           Bryan Ramirez
Outstanding Advanced Placement Government and Politics Student Award: Max Glick, Lisa Kovacs, Harrison LeBow
Outstanding International Baccalaureate Social Studies Student Award: Jonah Gold, Lydia Kinirons, Charlotte McGroarty, Nina Ritter, Tor Swenson, Charlotte Thieke, Michael Torres, Clare Vogt, Jennifer Weigand
Long Island Council for the Social Studies Achievement  Award: Madeleine Cierski, Nisanur Demiroglu, Aidan Foley, Lisa Kovacs, Harrison LeBow, Madison McLoughlin, Liam Mickulas-Mesco
NASA Chairperson's Award for Excellence: Madeleine Cierski

Outstanding American Law Student Award: Panyu Chan
Outstanding Constitutional Law Student Award: Chelsea Orman
Outstanding Criminal Justice Student Award: Nikolas Bonomo
Amicus Curiae Award: Stefany Jimenez
Gene O'Donnell Award: Madeleine Cierski
Legal Hall of Fame Award: Clare Vogt
Peter C. Schlendorf Leadership Scholarship Award: Savannah Levy
Daniel Greenberg Memorial Scholarship: Nisanur Demiroglu

Excellence in Spanish Award: Hailey Roethel
Excellence in Italian Award: Matteo Cornetta
Excellence in French Award: Esther Loring
Excellence in ENL Award: Iveth Granados
Young Diplomat's Award: Luke Frisoli
NASA Chairperson's Multilanguage Award for Excellence: Stefany Jimenez

National School Development Council Award for Academic Growth and Student Leadership in Learning: Nicholas Gilligan, Patrick Sweeney
NASA Future Leadership Award: Michael Torres

PRINCIPAL'S  ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS: Iveth Granados, Thomas Izzo, Miles Lerner, Shaun Serrano



NHS Science Teacher Awarded 2022 "Agriculture in the Classroom" Grant

grant.png thumbnail218917
Northport High School continues to expand on opportunities for students to utilize the on-campus greenhouse and outdoor space in meaningful ways.  To further these opportunities, Long Island Native Ecology and Science Teacher David LaMagna was awarded a $2,000 Agriculture in the Classroom 2022 grant through the Suffolk County Soil and Water District.
 The grant proposal titled “Seeding the Future of a Fruitful Environment,” will focus on the transformation of the school’s greenhouse courtyard into a living laboratory and outdoor classroom for all learners in the school community.  Students will visit and engage in phenomena-based experiences and apply scientific reasoning to study Long Island native species that are of both ecological and agricultural value.
As the living laboratory and outdoor classroom come to life, District Chairperson for Science and Technology David Storch continues to look for cross disciplinary opportunities ranging from growing herbs for culinary classes to sketching opportunities for art and more. 
Kaitlin Shahinian, soil technician for the Suffolk County Soil and Water Conservation district visited the greenhouse to present the grant check to Mr. Stoch and Mr. LaMagna. During her visit, she discussed the continued need for these initiatives throughout Long Island.  
“The whole purpose of the program is because Suffolk County is becoming more urbanized; kids are losing touch with where their food comes from,” she said. “Incorporating these types of programs in schools and letting multiple subjects work and doing this kind of stuff allows the kids to get hands on experience. They get excited about growing something, making something, doing something and they know where their food is coming from and they get excited about healthier options, too.”
The science department is looking forward to utilizing this grant money to further their work developing the outdoor laboratory and classroom and teaching more students about the joys of homegrown and native plants and foods. 

Students for 60,000 Present Work for 2021-22 Year

Students_for_60K(2).png thumbnail218769
The Northport High School Students for 60,000 club is thrilled to be back to traveling and continuing their mission to “help and empower those in need.” Throughout the school year, the club participated in a variety of charitable and action-oriented activities, both locally and through a trip to Kermit, West Virginia. 
Locally, students supported the Island Harvest pantry through volunteering and packing foods at their warehouse. They also participated in a “midnight run,” which has ties to the club’s roots of supporting the homeless population in New York City. The “midnight runs” provide necessary items to homeless throughout the city. 
While visiting West Virginia, students met with programs such as ABLE Families, Crossroads Recovery Center and New Heights and Williamson Behavioral Health Clinic. During these visits, students learned about the impact of opioids and addiction on the local community and how various center are working to help those in need. 
Additionally, students met with peers attending Tug Valley High School. During that visit, students said they experienced a “major moment” when discussing what they were or were not proud of at their respective schools. They learned about each other and found commonalities which helped them bond.  
Finally, students visited the community projects where they got to work helping renovate a former club, which is transitioning to a gospel dinner show venue. Students also created a “blessing box,” which is a shelving unit that locals can access for various necessities. With regard to this project, students said “the majority of our trip served the purpose of creating psychological connections with the people of Kermit, but this project left a visible mark on our contribution to the community.”
Looking ahead, students are excited about continuing their work locally, nationally and worldwide. 

NHS Student Earns 1st Place with High Honors at NYS Science Congress

vivienne.png thumbnail218809
Northport High School student Vivienne Cierski earned highest honors at the junior division Long Island Science Congress last month. As a result, she was chosen to compete in the New York State Science Congress held June 11 at the Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology (MOST) in Syracuse, NY. This is the premier NYS science research competition and Vivienne’s science research project entitled, ‘The Impact of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes onGlycine maxGrowth & Health’ earned her one of only two first place, highest honor awards in the junior division! 

Vivienne’s research hypothesized that increasing concentration of environmentally-friendly carbon nanotubes in soybean plants would support overall growth and health. In the Northport High School greenhouse, Vivienne measured plant height daily and monitored plant health by using a leaf spectrometer to assess greenness and chlorophyll content. Results seek to inform the agricultural community of potential benefits of multi-walled carbon nanotubes. 

Chairperson of Science and Technology David Storch noted Vivienne’s “phenomenal result” and noted that the Northport High School science research program “continues to thrive as our students work in collaboration with content specialists and coordinators supporting advanced experimentation in the life and physical sciences!”