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Northport High School

154 Laurel Hill Road
Northport, NY 11768
School Office Hours: 7:30-3:30
Phone: 631-262-6654

Daniel Danbusky, Principal
Dr. Carlos Falcón, Assistant Principal
characterTerrence Hinson, Assistant Principal
Denise Keenan, Assistant Principal
TBD, Assistant Principal

Important Numbers

Main Office Phone
(631) 262-6654
Main Office Fax
(631) 262-6880
Nurse's Office
(631) 262-6746
Counseling Center Phone
(631) 262-6730
Counseling Center Fax
(631) 262-6736
Attendance Office
(631) 262-6657


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Current News

Reminder: November 3rd All Students Learning Remotely

As a reminder, all students (elementary, middle schools and high school) will be learning remotely on November 3rd (Election Day). The day will follow the typical Wednesday schedule. The students will then return to school on Wednesday, where elementary will follow their regular schedule and secondary will follow an A-day schedule. (Gold in person, Blue learning remotely)


Students Partake in R.A.P Week!

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Each year, Northport-East Northport hosts Recovery, Awareness, Prevention (R.A.P) week to spread the word about substance abuse and important preventative measures. The weeklong event kicked off this year on October 19th with all grade levels finding ways to acknowledge the topic and learn more about how to prevent and address substance abuse. 
R.A.P Week began in April 2012 when a district teacher suggested a substance use prevention day at Northport High School. Since then, the passion and dedication of students, staff and community has expanded the idea, leading to a full week of guest speakers and activities that focus on drug and alcohol prevention.
The district’s substance abuse counselor Anthony Ferrendino shared that R.A.P week is important because the issue affects many families. Whether it’s a loved one who is struggling or a student who is experimenting, substance abuse is widespread and addressing it is crucial to reducing the stigma.  
R.A.P week is executed differently at the elementary, middle and high school levels. For elementary schools, the message is heavy on prevention, and discussion topics include positive goal setting and ways to lead a healthy lifestyle. At the middle school and high school levels, there’s more explicit discussion about substances and how to combat substance abuse.  
Recognizing that this issue is especially pertinent for high school students, the district typically brings in a variety of guest speakers to address the larger group. Speakers have ranged from professional athletes to former students who are in recovery. This year, the district had guest speakers provide a recording and shared them to a dedicated R.A.P Week site, along with past speaker recordings, and has asked teachers to make the videos a class assignment. This ensures students still have access to the critical information and can either discuss or write down their thoughts about the topic. 
“I am beyond thrilled that despite COVID-19, the teams that we have in the buildings were able to figure it out and offer the students what they absolutely need,” shared Mr. Ferrendino. 

Northport High School Rotary student of the month honored at board of education meeting

Rotary_Math.png thumbnail177170

Northport High School senior Camden Burk has lots to be proud of this year. From being honored as a National Merit Semifinalist earlier this school year to being named the Math Rotary Student of the Month, Camden has been a star student. During the October 15th Board of Education meeting, held via Zoom, the district and Board honored Camden and congratulated him on his hard work. 

Camden’s history of excelling in math began in middle school, when he entered the school’s double accelerated program and received a third-place score in eighth grade in the American Math Contest. He went on to complete all three Regents exams with an average score of 95 by the time he finished his freshman year at Northport High School. Camden has twice earned silver medals at the Long Island Math Fair for his research on math and climate change and has been on the mathletes team every year since his middle school days. 

As recipient of Rotary Student of the Month, Camden and his family were able to attend the Rotary luncheon. While he is still determining his next steps, Camden hopes to join the conservation field and major in environmental or geological science. 
“Camden is brilliant and confident, yet he is quite humble and affable,” shared Chairperson of Mathematics Robin Rann, who awarded Camden with the recognition. “We are very happy that he is receiving this recognition.”


Letter from Superintendent to Section XI

Click here for the Superintendent's letter to Section XI

High School Yoga Class Improves Students’ Physical and Emotional Health

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With new social distancing protocols in place, Northport High School is exploring unique ways to continue their physical education program for both in-person and remote students. One of the most impactful classes thus far has been yoga, which is providing students with both the physical and mental support they need this school year. 
The yoga classes are not only good for physical strength and flexibility, but can help with anxiety, stress, depression and sleeping. “Yoga is good for the mind and good for the body” shared Ms. Gipp, Northport High School’s yoga teacher. “My goal is for students to leave feeling a little lighter, a little bit more relaxed.” 
Ms. Gipp further described yoga as a great time for students to gain a better understanding of their own mental health. By taking time to slow down and focus on movement and breath, students may suddenly become aware of any feelings of anxiety or stress they were feeling.  Recognizing these emotions then allows them to take steps to improving their mental health. 
The classes are being livestreamed, so students learning from home can follow along with the flow and movements being taught. Classes are currently focused on vinyasa flow style yoga, however Ms. Gipp noted that she is looking to introduce restorative yoga and some mediation practices as well. When speaking about teaching her remote students, Ms. Gipp noted that while there were originally some kinks to work out, such as making sure student cameras were placed so she could adequately see their positions and form, the remote students have been incredibly engaged in the class.