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East Northport Middle School

Notes From The Nurse

If your child is not feeling well-

Please check your child’s temperature if they are not feeling well. 

The CDC and the New York State Department of Health recommend that students and staff remain out of school for at least 24 hours after having a fever.  Also note that students should be fever-free for 24hrs WITHOUT the use of fever-reducing medication such as Tylenol and Motrin. The teachers and staff here at ENMS are working together to remind the students to wash their hands and to cover coughs and sneezes.  Please encourage your children to think about safety and wash their hands more frequently.   Please report any diagnosed illnesses to me. Thank you for your cooperation in our attempt to keep our school a healthy, learning environment.

7th and 8th Grade Late Winter Sports-

 girls’ basketball, boys’ volleyball & wrestling  Signups will be ONLINE through Family ID – you should have received an email for the registration process.    Click to view information. Online registration will begin on Thursday, December 20th and close on Thursday January 17th  

Try outs will begin on Tuesday, January 22nd.   Please remember that even if you have already played a sport, you must be cleared for each individual sport.  If you haven't played a sport yet this school year, and are interested in playing now, please see Mrs. Enright to make sure you have a physical done within the last year on file in the health office. The school doctor will be here on Tuesday, January15th to complete physicals for those who are still in need. 

School Doctor - The school doctor will be here on January 15th for physicals.  Any 7th grader who has not has the NYS mandated 7th grade physical will be scheduled to see the doctor to fulfill this requirement.  Also, any student wishing to have a physical in order to play a late winter sport needs to see me so they can be added to the list and pre-screened.  If your child has had a physical completed since June 1, 2018, and I do not have a copy, please send it in so I can update my files. This is a requirement only for the seventh grade students, but helpful for all students in maintaining an accurate health record.

Scoliosis Screenings - New York State law requires that all girls in 7th grade receive a scoliosis (curvature of the spine) screening examination.  Your child will not be screened by me if I have documentation of a scoliosis screening done by your private physician within the last year.  I will also be screening any 7th grader who has not had blood pressure, vision (both far and near) and hearing documented on their private physicals.

I will complete the scoliosis screening during Physical Education period.  The chance of your child having scoliosis is very small, but we have a responsibility to find those few cases early.  You will be contacted only in the event that your child has a possible problem.

A small reminder about injuries-when as student sustains an injury and is given a 5 minute pass or a pass for assistance with books from the doctor, it is a privilege and should not be abused. The pass is to allow the injured student to get to their next class safely without the crowds in the halls.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.
Thank you-
Rita Enright R.N.
Phone 262-6775
Fax 262-6898